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Mechanophobia, Prefrontal analysis, Albedo, Affect logic, Force dynamics, Capgras syndrome, Flooding (psychology), Deixis, Ideographic approach, Concupiscence, Soteriology, Manticore, Baba yaga, Groggy, Bisociation, Isotopy (linguistics), Apotropaic, Phytophagy, Cladistics, Coding Kata, Minification, Coalescence, Kata, Kyudo, Code golf, Isogeny, Cogency, Homoousia, sycophancy, Conflation, hebephrenic, Plasma, Emotional stroop, Apostolic, Abreaction, Doppelganger, Logion, Synanthropic, Sheol, Orogenesis, hypoxia, Bön, Volition, Perezhivanie, transient lunar phenomenon, Dilettante, Explicandum, Chronemics, Audisme, Felix Culpa, En Sof

Mechanophobia - English: Fear of machines.
Préfrontal analysis - Not English (French): Prefrontal analysis.
Albedo - English: The proportion of light or radiation that is reflected by a surface, typically that of a planet or moon.
Affect logic - English: A theoretical framework that posits emotions significantly influence cognitive processes.
Force dynamics - English: A framework in cognitive semantics that analyses the way physical forces are involved in natural events.
Capgras syndrome - English: A psychological condition where someone believes a familiar person has been replaced by an imposter.
Flooding (psychology) - English: A therapeutic method exposing the patient to feared objects or contexts.
Deixis - English: Linguistic expressions that can only be understood through contextual information.
Ideographic approach - English: Study of individuals in detail, often as case studies.
Diaphanie - Not English (French): Translucency.
Parousie - Not English (French): Parousia, referring to the second coming of Christ.
Apologétique - Not English (French): Apologetics, the defense of religious doctrines.
Brancardier - Not English (French): Stretcher bearer.
Concupiscence - English: Strong passion or desire.
Sacerdoce - Not English (French): Priesthood.
Soteriology - English: Study of religious doctrines of salvation.
Boutre - Not English (French): A type of dhow, a traditional Arabian sailing vessel.
Orthotenie - Not English (French): UFO paths and their alignment.
Manticore - English: A mythical creature with a human head and a lion's body.
Baba yaga - English (Russian origin): A witch-like Slavic folklore character.
Mariophanie - Not English (French): Appearance or manifestation of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Simiesque - Not English (French): Simian, ape-like.
Groggy - English: Dazed, weak, or unsteady, especially from illness or intoxication.
Epistémicide - Not English (French): The destruction of knowledge.
Bisociation - English: The simultaneous association of an idea or event with two fields.
Figement - Not English (French): Fixation or freezing.
Isotopy (linguistics) - English: Consistency of patterns in semiotic systems.
Apotropaic - English: Supposed to have the power to avert evil influences.
Phytophagy - English: Feeding on plants.
Cladistics - English: Method of classification using ancestral relationships.
Orgology - Not English (unknown): I'm not familiar with this term in English as of my last update.
Coding Kata - English: A practice where programmers solve a problem through coding to practice their skills.
Minification - English: The process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code.
Coalescence - English: The process of coming together to form one mass or whole.
Kata - English (Japanese origin): A set sequence of martial arts moves.
Kyudo - English (Japanese origin): Japanese archery.
Code golf - English: A type of competition where participants write the shortest code.
Isogeny - English: An algebraic morphism between elliptic curves.
Cogency - English: The quality of being clear, logical, and convincing.
Homoousia - English (Greek origin): Refers to the Christian concept of three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) being of one substance.
Lipogramme - Not English (French): Lipogram, a text that purposely excludes a specific letter.
Psychastenie - Not English (French): Refers to a psychological disorder characterized by phobias, obsessions, and compulsions.
Thetique - Not English (French): Pertaining to thesis or proposition.
Carte hodologique (Lewin) - Not English (French): Hodological map; refers to pathways or lines of movement in psychological spaces.
Hylé - Not English (French): Matter or substance in philosophical contexts.
Morne - Not English (French): Sad or gloomy.
entoptique - Not English (French): Entoptic, relating to visual effects whose source is within the eye.
sycophancy - English: Obsequious behavior toward someone important to gain advantage.
Conflation - English: The merging of two sets of information.
hebephrenic - English: A type of schizophrenia.
Plasma - English: One of the four fundamental states of matter.
Forclusion - Not English (French): Foreclosure; a concept in psychoanalysis.
Emotional stroop - English: A psychological test measuring the emotional response to words.
veilléité - Not English (French): A weak wish or inclination.
Apostolic - English: Relating to the apostles or their teachings.
Abreaction - English: The expression and consequent release of a previously repressed emotion.
Cryptarque - Not English (unknown): I'm not familiar with this term in English as of my last update.
Doppelganger - English (German origin): An apparition or double of a living person.
Logion - English: A saying of Jesus not found in the canonical Gospels.
Apophtegme - Not English (French): Apophthegm; a concise saying or maxim.
Heresiologue - Not English (French): A writer against heresies.
Supersessionisme - Not English (French): Supersessionism; the belief that the Christian Church has replaced the Israelites.
Pentarchie - Not English (French): Pentarchy; rule by five in ecclesiastical contexts.
Synapomorphie - Not English (French): Synapomorphy; a shared characteristic between groups indicating a shared ancestry.
Marronnage / Feralisation - Not English (French): "Marronnage" is escape from slavery and living in a community; "Feralisation" is the process of becoming wild.
Synanthropic - English: Animals or plants associated with human habitation.
Zootechnie - Not English (French): Animal husbandry.
Sheol - English (Hebrew origin): The abode of the dead in ancient Hebrew thought.
Orogenesis - English: The process of mountain formation.
hypoxia - English: A condition in which the body or a part of it is deprived of adequate oxygen supply.
Bön - English (Tibetan origin): An ancient Tibetan religious tradition.
Gigantomachie - Not English (French): Gigantomachy; mythological war between the giants and the Olympian gods.
Titanomachie - Not English (French): Titanomachy; mythological war between the Titans and the Olympian gods.
Ecphorie - Not English (French): Act of evoking a memory.
Diurne - Not English (French): Diurnal; occurring during the daytime.
Lunaison - Not English (French): Lunation; a month defined by lunar phases.
Archeoastronomie - Not English (French): Archaeoastronomy; the study of ancient or traditional astronomies.
Laminage - Not English (French): Lamination; process of manufacturing by layering.
Volition - English: The power of using one's will.
Obturer - Not English (French): To plug or to block.
Perezhivanie - English (Russian origin): Experience, especially in the context of Vygotsky's theory of development.
transient lunar phenomenon - English: Short-lived light, color, or other change in appearance on the surface of the moon.
Epiphragme - Not English (French): A covering or closure, especially in the context of mollusks.
Dilettante - English: A person who cultivates an area of interest without real commitment.
Supersessionisme - Repeated.
Gémellaire - Not English (French): Twin or twin-related.
Vinothèque - Not English (French): A wine store or wine library.
Akrasia - English: Lack of self-control or acting against one's better judgment.
Erotomanie - Not English (French): Erotomania; a delusion in which someone believes another person is in love with them.
Cyclothymie - Not English (French): Cyclothymia; a mood disorder with alternating periods of depression and euphoria.
Eutrophisation - Not English (French): Eutrophication; excessive richness of nutrients in a water body.
Hypoxique - Not English (French): Hypoxic; relating to or affected by a deficiency of oxygen.
Explicandum - English: That which is to be explained or defined.
Proxémie - Not English (French): Proxemics; the study of human use of space.
Chronemics - English: The study of the role of time in communication.
Fuligineux - Not English (French): Sooty.
Doxodrame - Not English (unknown): I'm not familiar with this term in English as of my last update.
Dyssynchronie - Not English (French): Dyssynchrony; lack of synchronization.
Theophore - Not English (French): Theophoric; bearing the name of a deity.
Audisme - English: Discrimination or prejudice against deaf or hard-of-hearing people.
Mafiogène - Not English (French): Producing or fostering mafia-like behavior.
Felix Culpa - English (Latin origin): "Happy fault"; referring to the sin of Adam as a necessary step for the redemption through Christ.
Sanhédrin - Not English (French): Sanhedrin; an assembly of Jewish elders.
En Sof - English (Hebrew origin): Infinite or endless, a term in Kabbalistic tradition.
Minification - Already covered.
Coalescence - Already covered.
Conflation - Already covered.
Emotional stroop - Already covered.
Hypoxia - Already covered.